How To Use It?

Throwing the Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball into the fire – When a fire erupts, take the nearest available Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball and simply throw it into the fire. The ball will naturally fall into the base of the flame, where it is most needed, and activate within 3 seconds. No need to pull pins, or to get close to the fire. No special training or skills required.

Self Activating Mount – One of the great benefits of the Elide Fire Ball is the fact that it can self activate in the presence of fire when no-one is present. If positioned in the appropriate high-risk area where most fires are likely to start, it will self activate upon reaching the appropriate temperature and extinguish the fire.

Have the ball always placed at the visible and accessible place.

At the starting fire throw/roll the ball into the fire from the safe distance.

It self-activates after contacting fire up to 3 – 10 sec. and extinguishes the starting fire.

In the case of necessity throw more ELIDE FIRE balls into the fire.


Manual usage outside or in a garage fire extinguishing a vehicle

As soon as a fire is spotted, throw at least two Elide Fire Balls into the burning vehicle and move immediately into safe distance.




Automatic usage in rooms

Install Elide Fire Ball 10 – 30 cm above the area that is most risk prone (e.g. Garages, kitchens, places with vicinity to a fire-place, electric circuit breakers, outlets, etc.)

Make sure that the arrow on the product package is always pointing upwards.
The Elide Fire Ball self-activates after coming into contact with a flame. It gives a loud audio signal and extinguishes the fire.