The Elide Fire Ball is a scientifically-proven and effective self-activating fire extinguishing solution for virtually any situation where there is the possibility of an accidental fire. It can be in the home, the office, car, factory, boat, restaurant…in fact, it can be anywhere!

How does it work? There are 2 options: If you happen to be near the fire when it starts, simply toss the Elide Fire Ball on to the fire or roll it towards the fire as soon as possible. It will activate within 3-10 seconds and disperse non-toxic chemicals to extinguish the fire. The second option is to position the Elide Fire Ball over or close to the potential source of the fire, such as a stove, an electrical circuit board, a meter box or a computer, using the specially-designed stand that comes which each unit. It will activate automatically by self-donating when it comes into contact with the fire, even if no-one is around. (You certainly can’t do that with a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket!)

Lightweight but deadly to fires!

The patented, internationally-acclaimed award-winning Elide Fire Ball is lightweight (1.3kg) and easy to use, even by children and the elderly. There is no training needed and unlike the average fire extinguisher it is service and maintenance-free for five years.

Safety is our Number One priority!

Unlike a fire blanket or fire extinguisher, you don’t have to be close to the fire to activate the Elide Fire Ball. Unlike a fire blanket or fire extinguisher, you don’t even have to be present when a fire starts! This is because the Elide Fire Ball will self-detonate when it comes into contact with a flame.