The Revolutionary Elide Fire Ball

The Elide Fire Ball is indeed a self-activating fire extinguishing solution that can be used in various settings where there is a potential risk of accidental fire. It offers two options for deployment, depending on the situation.

Option 1: If someone is present near the fire when it starts, they can simply throw or roll the Elide Fire Ball onto the fire. Upon contact with the flames, the ball activates within 3-10 seconds. It disperses non-toxic chemicals, typically dry chemical powder or foam, to extinguish the fire.

Option 2: If the fire-prone area is unattended or there is no one present to respond immediately, the Elide Fire Ball can be positioned over or close to the potential source of the fire. This can be done using the specially-designed stand that comes with each unit. In this case, if a fire breaks out, the ball will self-detonate upon contact with the flames, activating automatically even in the absence of individuals nearby.

The Elide Fire Ball is a scientifically-proven and effective self-activating fire extinguishing solution for virtually any situation where there is the possibility of an accidental fire.

It can be in the home, the office, car, factory, boat, restaurant…in fact, it can be anywhere!

Dean Hawkins

Highly decorated former Senior Fire Commander and Author
Endorses the ‘revolutionary’ Elide Fire Fireball:

  • A marvel of ingenuity that will turn industry on its head…
  • The Elide Fireball requires minimal, if any, skill or experience to apply…

I’m a veteran highly decorated Fire Officer, in my 30+years in emergency management I response I have seen numerous firefighting tools, equipment and products introduced. A lot come and go whilst some stay due to being ‘fit for purpose`. Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes the whole shebang, a `game changer, to the way we do things. The Elide Fireball released by Fireball Suppression Services is such a product; it can change our responding method, the way we can do an initial attack. This is a remarkably simple yet well designed firefighting device.

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The Elide Fireball is a firefighting medium and tool that requires minimal if any skill or experience to apply – furthermore one in which if need be also converts to `passive firefighting` to protect us as we sleep or work, a marvel of ingenuity that will turn industry on its head.

The Elide Fireball:

  • It’s simple and obvious to use.
  • It takes little effort to use.
  • It limits the user’s fire exposure risk.
  • It’s portable. It’s adaptable.
  • As a passive fire suppressant, it is conveniently moveable.
  • It does not rust or corrode. It is durable.
  • It doesn’t require the usual expensive servicing, checking or refilling.

Just like all incipient stage firefighting equipment, The Elide Fireball won’t turn you into an ‘expert firefighter nor is it designed to; however in the right circumstances and used in the manner it was designed for – it could possibly extinguish a fire at its incipient stage and in turn save a life.

“The Elide Fireball has this seasoned firefighters’ stamp of approval.”

Ex-Senior Fire Commander
Dean S Hawkins

Safety is Our Number One Priority!

Unlike a fire blanket or fire extinguisher, you don’t have to be close to the fire to activate the Elide Fire Ball. Unlike a fire blanket or fire extinguisher, you don’t even have to be present when a fire starts! This is because the Elide Fire Ball will self-detonate when it comes into contact with a flame.

Elide Australia is the sole distributor of the Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball in Australia. Our mission is to secure and protect lives and property from the hazard of fire.

The Elide Fire Ball has won many awards internationally and the confidence of a growing number of customers due to its quality, reliability and functionality.

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How Dose The Elide Fire Ball Work?

Combustion may occur when there is a combination of three elements: fuel, oxygen and heat. The Elide Fire Ball will activate itself within seconds from coming into contact with flames and release a mono ammonium phosphate chemical powder which separates the three elements and extinguishes the fire.

Is The Type Of Powder Inside The Elide Fire Ball Dangerous?

Absolutely not! Dry Mono ammonium phosphate type powder is environmentally friendly and safe for humans, animals, plants and various electrical devices. The ball has passed many safety standards worldwide.

Can The Explosion Noise Produced By The Activating Ball Damage, The Hearing Of Humans?

During activation, the fire extinguishing ball produces a loud explosion noise which is rated at 120 decibels. Regarding hearing loss specifically, the noise produced by the Elide Fire Ball is at an acceptable universal level as measured by a variety of global standards institutions. From our point of view, we think that the noise produced is an efficient alert to the existence of a fire.

Why Do We Need The Elide Fire Ball When We Already Have A Variety Of Other Fire Extinguishers?

The Elide fire ball provides a rapid, convenient and simple means to fight a fire. Simply throw or roll the ball into the fire from a safe distance. The operation is so simple that even a child can stop the fire before it spreads, endangering life and/or property.

Will The Fire Extinguishing Ball Get Activated From Exposure To Heat Only (I.e. No Flames)?

The Elide fire ball was designed to extinguish fires in similar fashion to a sprinkler systems and the like. Therefore, to avoid false alarms, the ball will be activated only when it comes into contact with naked flames, avoiding false activation as a result of heat, pressure or falling from its cradle.

What Are The Main Issues/problems In Putting Out A Fire?

Many times fires begin when there is no one around and before long it can cause massive damage to property or worse – become life-threatening. Even when the fire is noticed by someone, it might take precious minutes before an effective means to stop the fire is obtained and utilised. Many standard fire extinguishers are bulky, heavy and not easy to operate especially under pressure. It is also necessary to get close to the fire in order to put it out effectively using standard fire extinguishers. Additionally, sometimes the fire extinguishers in hand are unsuitable to the type of fire e.g. petrol, gas, electrical etc. Even if a variety of extinguishers do exist on the premises, they need to pass periodical inspections to ensure they are effective and safe to use. If such inspections were not carried out within the required time frames, there would be a good chance that they will fail when needed most.

What Are The Most Important Features Of The Elide Fire Ball Extinguisher?

Automatically activated
No need for annual/periodical maintenance activities
Lightweight and comfortable to use
Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
Emits a loud noise during activation which acts as a fire alarm
Suitable for all types of fires (CLASS-A, B, C, E)